Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creative Kitty Cat Scratching Pod

This item is so popular, it sold out! More Kitty Scratching Pods will be available on April 15th. Order now and be the first in line!!! There are three unique designs I stamp. Pick one, add it to cart and your feline (and sofa) will thank you!

This scratching board for the domestic jungle dweller is just what you and the little fluffy have been looking for! Handcrafted from domestic hardwood, this one of a kind scratcher is ready for action. Be it the natural process to sharpen the claws or the lounge-like state of kicking back on the corrugated groovieness. This new and improved model is the result of rigorous 'field testing'. The first version was just a bit too short and low in height. After careful examination, the length was increased so even the biggest of vicious kitties can straddle this board with ease. The addition of "tugger tread" feet not only elevated the height ever so slightly to a zen-link appearance, but also gives it stability on a carpeted surface.

The 100% domestic virgin corrugated cardboard is densely packed into the frame resulting in a favorable surface for both natural-nailed kitties and de-clawed beasts alike. This is the good stuff- not some cheapo import that shreds like tissue. The cardboard will gently wear with age, like a favorite pair of blue jeans. If your little wonder tears through it, simply unpack it, flip it over and you're good to go again! Don't be surprised to find this a favorite resting spot to meditate in an afternoon sunbeam. What better way to say "I love you" than to share original art with your kitty? It comes to you from a non-smoking home with a small bag of organic, free-range catnip to get you going.

A great gift for your feline, a hostess gift or housewarming gift for the kitty-inclined! Catnip will be tied to your Creative Kitty Scratching Pod with rafia.

Pod measures 7" wide x 17" (17.78 cm x 43.18 cm)

$30.00 from my etsy shop


Cappi said...

You are one cool cat to come up with scratchable kitty art!
I like the thought of "kicking back on the corrugated groovieness"
Can you make a super-sized one for humanoids?

Holly Olinger said...

I saw an orange cat at Petsmart yesterday who had lost most of an ear. Looked like scissors. He needs one of these boxes so he will feel loved.

Samantha said...

How cool! That looks really neat. :)