Sunday, February 28, 2010

TattooDreams Mask Vessel

This new vessel has been delivered to the Orchard Gallery to be part of their Artful Box 2 Exhibit. Handmade of cherry and adorned with pistachio shells, glass beads, seeds, knotted silk and an elaborately painted finial. The stamps I used on this vessel are from my mask and Adinkra symbols collection and represent various cultures. There's a tribal feel to this collectable art piece. More wonderful boxes of all types and materials will be on display and ready to add to your collection.

March 3-31 2010
Orchard Gallery of Fine Art
6312 Covington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Reception March 6 12-5pm


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tribal Mask Box

This TattooDreams creation is my Mask Box. Another of my recycled, reloved, cigar boxes. It measures 7" wide x 7 1/4" deep x 6" tall (17.78cm x 18.41cm x 15.24cm.) This box has a hinged top that easily reveals the contents you decide are the treasures most important. It's lined on the bottom with sultry black velvet. Emblazoned with an exotic array of culturally alive masks. These rubber stamped masks are from my tribal collection.

Inside the lid is stamped a crow with a verse from the Desiderata:
"You are a child of the universe.
No less than the trees and stars"

This box has amber feet and would match any decor no matter how contemporary, primitive or eclectic!

My boxes are quietly making their way into esteemed collections around the world.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Snowman Rocketh'!

Needless to say.......

We have snow.......

Lots and lots of snow.......

Jon cleared the upper deck of 12 inches of snow and found a 3 foot plus icicle which became his ice guitar!
I love this crazy man!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saying "I Love You" With Art

Nothing quite says "I love you" like something handmade. It holds within it the spirit of the maker, the breath of the artist, the soul of the imagineer who found a new way to express themselves.

To buy from an artist helps support them in what has become a most trying time. In doing so, you are also helping keep alive the 'can do' spirit that built this country. You're keeping your money alive in the U.S, buying American made art and craft and not buying imports. You are supporting another human being.

I sell my work on and at art fairs accross the country. On any given weekend there are hundreds of my friends and I selling what we make in 10' x 10' white tents. Sometimes set up in parks or parking lots, we are there.
We are not a traveling circus- though we know most of our fellow artists.
We are a family of another kind- we help and look out for one another. Kindred spirits some would say.
We jury for each show one at a time and are granted an opportunity to show based on the quality of our work. If the weather and crowds are good, we hope to sell. If we sell, it means we too can contribute back into the economy.
This is our job.
This is not a hobby we dabble in.
This is what we do for a living.

We need your support now more than ever.

I say this not as begging. I say this because we are part of what makes the fabric of our culture.
We are the makers of art that is being made now.
We're the artists that can inspire tomorrows artists to follow their passion.
We are the ones that bring an esthetic quality to people who understand the importance of living among work that is
handmade, not generic soul-less 'stuff'.

We are the dreamers you read about.
The 'different drummers' you may have secretly admired.
The kid who ate glue and doodled incessantly in the corner of the classroom.
The odd girl who got picked last for volleyball teams but could draw amazing clouds.
The kid with mismatched socks that was mesmerized by what they saw out the school bus window-
The kid who had a million thoughts running inside their head-yet sat alone twisting their hair.
The one who didn't fit in then is the one whose work you may admire now.

This is who artists are.

Their ideas fill journals
paper napkins
post it notes
the backs of their hand
bits of paper
-the walls of their minds.

We make what you love.
We love to make what we do.
We love it more
when you love what we make enough
to trade
what is valuable to you
what is vital to us.

This is fair trade.

This is the process of buying art.
Investing in passion.
This is necessary
and this- in essence -
is love.

Patricia Hecker

Featured in the photo, The Artists Imagination Box

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Your life will thank you.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

~~Letting Go~~

Often when things feel out of control, we must surrender.
Surrender the pain,
the loss of feeling in control,
the 'what if' soundtrack that runs in our heads-
the isolation
the fear.

When we can find ourselves in that place,
we need to give it up to the universe.
We have to remember to let go,
Let God.
This is me doing just that.

I grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast and here I was again.
I was 5 then.
Almost 50 now.
Still looking for a release -
a searching
a letting go.
A sense of wonder.

The open expanse of Mother Nature helps
me put things in perspective.
I'm going to be okay. I'm not sure how just yet,
but I'm going to be okay.

It's time to begin again.


Photo taken by Michele Miller, my sister-in-law

Monday, February 1, 2010

★ Check Out the Legs on that Box!! ★

Step right up! Children of all ages---a Circus Box!
Great for any adult whose inner child needs to come out and play--
Simpler times--
when the circus came to town.
The lions and tigers and sequined elephants oh my!
Plastic balls holding orange juice with a small white straw---nestled in a bed of ice!
Toys that spin and whiz and whirl.
Pop-corn vendors in red and white pressed uniforms.
Ropes and nets and painted cages and families together.
Before cell phones and the interruptions of life as we have it now.
Step back and remember simpler times!

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