Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Jon and I are in Austin Texas doing the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar with our TattooDream boxes. Twenty six years of doing a myriad of various types of shows and venues across the country and nothing remotely compares to this! Booths are various sizes which lends a varied and interesting esthetic to what is already an eclectic show. Coupled with the amazing live music from class acts, we feel this is a real treasure and a gift to be here.
Every day we open our booth to the wonderfully fun and interesting people of Austin Texas. They are genuine and most welcoming to us, especially when they hear we came so far. Our hosts, Bruce and Annie have gone above and beyond to welcome us into this Armadillo family. Health issues as they are, we need to make some changes to our show schedule and we hope by doing this show that will allow us the ability to do just that.

To us, this is our Christmas gift.

This year the show runs 11 days. Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm right up to Christmas Eve. In it's 36th season this year. We've spoken to so many artists who have done it from the beginning as well as patrons for whom this has become a holiday tradition.
We've known about this show for a very long time but knew we didn't have the rigth work for it. Now to actually be here doing it it feels very cool!
Our dear friend Bonnie Blandford is here to help us for the first 5 days. Her offer to help us has been hard to quantify. She's given up time at home after a busy year to do this. We are forever indebted. Days are long and morning comes a bit too soon, but the energy within that hall is addictive.
Time away from the booth is good too. Our dear friend David Haun is taking Bonnie and I to the South AustinTrailer Park Eatery tonight for supper. Food trucks in Austin provide some for the best local fare around and this one is sure to please. Bonnies first night here we at at Chuy's. Excellent food and eclectic decor. Loved the ceilings full of hubcaps! Hmmm... I do believe it was here that the infamous Jenna Bush got arrested! (Some rich girls just need to know that laws are for everyone!) Hahaha!

If you are anywhere near here, plan a trip over to the Armadillo. We're in the Palmer Events Center. Plan to stay the day and into the evening! A dim hall, alcohol, fantastic live music and a great place to do all your holiday shopping!
Eat, drink, shop and fill your sleigh!!

Heckers TattooDreams are in booth B4. The one with the puple and blue LED lights and fun boxes!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Morning Haiku

Winters quiet light
Breath rises in silent fog
The days peace unfolds.

~Patricia Hecker

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