Friday, March 4, 2011

National Grammar Day

It's National Grammar Day!
Yes, that's right. Not a Hallmark card type of event, but none the less, an important one!
As a culture we have whittled down the beautiful English language to a mere texting acronym of sounds.
Adjectives- those exquisite words that flower and paint the human word have become lost to grunts, groans and single letter dialog.
Nouns, made familial by using just initials not our given names.
Are our lives so busy we cannot hit the shift key to use capital letters where appropriate?
Are we in that big a hurry?
Must we tweet nonsense in place of carefully chosen thoughts
behind the wheel of the car
in public
at a party
at a dinner table?
All inappropriate times.

Must we convey nothingness at every turn using words jumbled and transposed?
Must we have run on sentences with no room for pause and breath?
Must we be so activated in the moment that we try to convey it to others rather than breathe it in and enjoy it?
Must we lose the fundamentals of communication to be 'on call' all the time?

Turn off your cell phone at parties- guess what- unless you're a doctor on call- you're not that important that it can't wait till later.
Use the written word and punctuation to paint, convey and control your message.
Use the shift key to capitalize words DAMMIT!

Grow up.
Wake up.
Not all technology suits us well.
Not all things typed, phoned, or written need to be.
Edit your life before you hit 'send'.
Edit your life.
Edit life.
It goes by fast enough that
seeing it
smelling it
tasting it
loving it
growing in it
being in it
need to just
Not be documented
without pause
and to the world.
Keep some things inside
for yourself.

Think to yourself!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Small Squares Exhibit

The square.
A most basic of shapes.
One of the first we learn as a child.

The Small Squares Exhibit at The Orchard Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN. features just that
this month. From March 3-31 the theme is Small Squares. A variety of media and artists have lovingly taken this theme and run with it to explore the nature of the square!

My contribution are the two boxes shown here. They are the only two of their kind and available at the Orchard Gallery for this exhibit. The remainder of my work is on my etsy site. Please join my TattooDreams Facebook Fan Page where my show schedule will appear and work and travel documented.
The opening is March 5th.