Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Dwell in the Possibilities

I'm sharing with you, my blog readers, a close-up of a new piece I showed this past weekend at Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival in Houston, Texas. The title of this piece, "To Dwell in the Possibilities" was a fitting name to begin our 2009 show season. This a small portion of the overall piece which measures 26" high x 57" long. Framed in a handcrafted oiled cherry frame.

This title reflects the optimism that I plan to bring to shows. Every time my canopy is opened to the patrons who view my work, an opportunity is given to me to connect on multiple levels. The psychology of sales begins. My job as artist is over and the ability to connect begins on a level that they feel comfortable making a purchase and I feel comfortable letting go of the time, talent and imagination it took to conceive and execute this work. They give up what they find of value and so do I.

The people of Houston were wonderful and appreciative of what the artists shared this past weekend. The staff at Woodlands was wonderfully warm and hospitable. Seeing fellow artists and getting into the sun did my soul good. The Celtic rock band Needfire played a great set of high energy rock on the waterside stage. Pure energy! We purchased their latest cd, 'Chasing Orion' to enjoy on the 20 hour ride home.

We're home and regrouping and will be back in our studio tomorrow.
All in all, a good start to what will be a good year.
We feel ready and open to dwell in the possibilities!



Deborah T. Colter said...

Love the piece and the title " To Dwell in the Possibilities". I support your excellent plan for optimism, in fact I wrote a similar post yesterday based on this quote:

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”(Lucille Ball).

We all need to go forth with that optimism - there is no other choice that I can see.

Thanks for sharing!


Justgivemepeace said...

Beautiful spirit~ keep going, growing,sharing! Much peace to you sweet Friend!