Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Up Close

Some things look even better up close! This may be one of them. It's a close up of my Artists Urn Vessel. Posted to my etsy site today. These large vessels are sold as art pieces but can easily be used to stow the ashes of deceased loved ones or pets. I sold one this week for just that purpose. It gives me an honor you wouldn't believe to know that someone is going to use a vessel my husband and I created for this type of purpose.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to peruse the contents of the recent work I have on my etsy site. It's my 'storefront' for you.
If you see something intriguing, something that causes you to pause, perhaps it is that piece calling your name. Buy it!
I give you permission to do so!!
This is the way the best collectables are acquired! A collection begins with a desire to exhibit passion. It takes passion to open the mind and heart to buy art. To buy something not mass produced - but handmade and executed with the years of dedication, experience and fine tuning it takes to become a fine artist or craftswoman.

It takes love to make it. It takes love to buy it.

It takes the willingness to be aware of these most sensitive characteristics within ourselves to be open to the possibilities.
Life and art are one in the same-letting ourselves be open to the possibilities.
When passion becomes awakened in an individual, they have caught the 'bug' -- the 'high' if you will, of collecting art.
When someone finds something that tugs at their soul---such is the way with buying art.

My job is to create.
Your job is to 'see'.

Together I support your need to have art-
and you help support my life.
I give up something of value to me, my art-
and in turn you give up something of value to in exchange- your money.

This is one of the most primordial of transactions that continues, despite the madness of the world.
It ignites the fire, which for an artist, burns relentlessly.
For the collector-is all consuming.

You, the collector, is no different than me.
Our passion is ART. In this we become one.

Art brings people together much like music.
It lets us breathe and become the symphony of our soul.
It helps us heal.
It keeps us finding the good in every moment-despite life's realities.
It helps us become the best human beings we can be.
It lets us be us.
There is nothing more I need in this world than to be an artist and to be loved.

Buy art-find you passion!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Creating Atmosphere in 100 Square Feet

Yes, 100 square feet is the average art fair booth size. Within the confines of which you need to showcase your work and display it at its best, be able to store extra work and wrap purchases. You need to stop folks passing by long enough to entice them to walk in. Better yet to walk in all the way!
Jon laid out our booth in a new configuration this weekend and achieved that goal!! The booth looks spacious and easy to shop and the beaded curtain continues to elicit ohhhs and ahhs and requests for commissions. This was my hope in creating this gigantic 'beaded beast'!

The tables pictured here will soon head to my etsy shop. Coming soon will be shelves and more beaded items for our valued collectors to peruse!
Thanks everyone for your support of this relatively new body of work. The words and imagery I use have found their way into so many homes and businesses-there really is something here for everyone!


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE pandas. To me they're pure peace. I look at them and all the weird stuff of the world drifts away and I'm left with these adorable, docile black and white teddy bears. I love everything about them. They have big lolly pop like ears, big furry feet, rolly polly tummies and the kindest of eyes. They love bamboo and fruit and leafeater biscuits.

This is a picture of Mei Lan. I saw a story 3 years ago about her mom, Lun Lun on CNN. The story said she was about to give birth. I became glued to PandaCam and watched her birth Mei Lan. She was the size of a stick of butter and resembled nothing of a panda. I was quite ill at the time and these pandas provided comfort like I never knew. They gave me something to look forward to each day for the 4 months I was sick. I watched daily as this little hairless squealing creature turned into the beautiful panda pictured here. Now three years old and celebrating her birthday with an ice cake this weekend in Atlanta.

If you've never been to Zoo Atlanta, you should go! It's a wonderfully quaint zoo tucked into an older neighborhood that is pure magic. It's easily walkable, usually not crowded during the week. The corridors that line the concrete etched walkways are lined with bamboo and add so much to this magical zoo. The animals that reside there and their caretakers are a real treat.

Happy Birthday to all the pandas at Zoo Atlanta! The entire panda family is having birthdays this month, Lun Lun (Mom), Yang Yang (Dad) Mei Lan (daughter) and Xi Lan (son).

Wishing you peace,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thirty four years ago today..........

Thirty four years ago today I was 15.
Thirty four years ago today my Mom died.
She was 45.
I thought forty five was 'ancient' in kid years.
I'm 49 and know fully well 45 is not old and
15 is way too young.
Some things hurt no matter how long ago they happen to you.
This is one of those hurts.

In the years after my Moms death, there were times I missed her more than other times.
When I was sick -I missed her more then.
When I was feeling lost and alone.
When I lost a cat. I cried for all my losses, old and new.
She was a wonderfully loving Mom who gave great hugs and let my brother and I know we were loved
and accepted no matter what. She encouraged us to be in life what we wanted to be, not what she hoped or
dreamed we'd be.
She let us be ourselves.
Not every parent allows this of their children.
There were no shadows or shoes to fill.
I think the longest walk my brother and I made was away from her grave site.
It felt like a million miles through the wet grass.

Her life was cut short of seeing who my brother and I turned out to be.
My brother became an attorney, is married to a wonderful woman and has a teenage son.
I became an artist. Married the love of my life and make art.
We became who we wanted to be thanks to her love and support.

So here I am today. Missing her.
I have a nasty cold and seem to miss her more today.
Some things never change.
Love you Mom. I think you'd be proud of us!
We became ourselves.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TattooDreams Beaded Curtain

This took a long time to do!
It's the beaded 'curtain' for my TattooDreams booth.
Encompassing countless thousands of beads, it became a focal point in my booth this past weekend at it's debut show. Each string is about 7 feet long.
All the beads are strung on stainless steel cable and fastened to drapery rings. It's heavy and takes both Jon and I to
move it about, much like carrying a boa constrictor-not that we've ever done that!

It received lots of attention and may have garnered me a commission or two. Time and
follow-throughs will tell. Needless to say, it's a fun addition to my booth and one well worth the countless hours
of painting, stamping, drilling, and stringing to accomplish.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Letting Go

We went to Maine.
For 4 days--we let go.
of time
internet connectedness
bad karma.
I had a massage.
More letting go.
My therapist's strong hands clasped mine as she
noticed the array of colorful beaded bracelets on my wrist.
She asked me what kind of massage I wanted.
I told her.
She asked about my bracelets.
I told her....
small pieces of myself I like to share.
I gave one to a friend-someone I thought was a friend.
I had one similar on my wrist.

She worked the knots in my over-stressed body
and melted them away with
These people are healers.

She gave me the best massage I'd ever had!....
The remnants of a recent hurtful experience, now gone.
The knots released in my body as I let go of the pain I'd been harboring inside.

I dressed.
I breathed in deeply.
I left behind on her small table
a colorful beaded bracelet that
I no longer needed to wear.

I let go.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fourth Street Festival of the Arts & Crafts

This coming Labor Day weekend we'll be doing our local art festival here in Bloomington. Located downtown on 4th Street, this artist run show is a true celebration of the arts in this enigmatic town. There we'll see everyone we know, lots of friends and hopefully be selling lots of TattooDreams work!

Tonight I finished this new Artists Affirmations Vessel. It'll be in my booth this weekend. This vessel is handmade by Jon of cherry, airbrushed, stamped and tied with ephemera. Adorned with shells, sea urchin spines, glass beads, waxed linen, silk,hand stamped beads and bamboo. Vessels this size cold be used as cremation urns.
What a way to go!!