Monday, March 23, 2009

Etsy Workshop Tonight!!!

A hint of what's to come.........
Featured here is a Day of the Dead Box I'll list tonight during an etsy workshop Jon and I are giving. Tonights workshop will be held at the Stutz Art Association in Indianapolis. We began doing these etsy workshops in our hometown of Bloomington IN. The first one was held at the John Waldron Art Center in January. The Waldron loved our idea of presenting this information. Our first workshop was a 90 minute presentation to 75 people as part of their "Artists After Hours" workshops. It was a hit! During this presentation we showed the finer points of getting established on etsy as a seller as well as the listing procedure by listing one of my boxes 'live'. We helped artists navigate the site and showed them some of the intricacies of presenting their work in this medium. We ended with a question and answer period and a critique of current sellers' shops. This hands-on help seems to prove beneficial to those coming to etsy for the first time as well as sellers currently familiar with the process.

We've since given two additional workshops. One was the night before the Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo, MI and the next one was in Fort Wayne, IN. Both were well-attended. Even though Jon and I are not affiliated with etsy, we both have a keen knowledge of what it takes to get your work on the site and get it seen. The tricks of the trade if you will. We touch on the importance of outside marketing by way of blogs or ads and utilizing etsy as a portal for on line commerce to a global market.
Jon and I are a good team! Jon builds and prepares the boxes and I design what goes on them. He photographs them and sizes the images and uploads them to my computer. I write the copy and list them. It's a stream-lined workflow that works for us. Each of us utilizing our strengths best.

By doing these workshops, I think I've lost some of my fear of public speaking. The mere thought of public speaking used to terrify me. Friends laugh when I remind them I'm shy. They say, "yeah, right". I am. This seems to have helped. Maybe it's because I feel so comfortable talking about this subject. Etsy is fun and easy to use. It's helped me connect with collectors of my work I would have never met otherwise.

This box is one of my more artsy Day of the Dead Boxes. If you return to my etsy site later tonight you will see it posted there. If you fall in lust with it and feel the need to buy it, hang tight! It will be up around 6-6:30 tonight!!
How's that for a tease?

See you later!


The In Crowd said...

oh wow! I really, really want this...!

Bonnie Blandford said...

Love the dangling beads on this box! Nice added touch -


Holly Olinger said...

It's just great you guys have this new gig going on. WTG!!