Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Permission to Commission!

This box was completed and mailed to it's new owner. It's going to live in Florida! A commission through
I love doing custom work, so if you have any ideas that need a box to wrap around them, let me know!
These boxes are handmade with a lot of love and help support 2 artists who make their living being artists!

Art feeds the soul!
It feeds yours when you buy something handmade
and it feeds mine as the one who has made the art.
Art is one of the last things made in America!
As a nation, we import just about everything.
That needs to change!
This is your oppurtunity to make a shift in your life.
If you seldom buy handmade things - begin.
If you already do - continue.
The economy needs to move back into gear and this paradigm shift begins slowly.
The important thing is that it begins.
A shift in focus, in priorites, in passion.

I believe that is what art is all about!
P a s s i o n .
It takes passion to create it.
Passion to buy it.
Passion to use it and appreciate it.
Without passion..........we are shells of human beings.

Without passion, we lose direction and miss the subtle taste of colors of a sunset.
The hidden notes of gardenia or jasmine in the wind.
The gentle touch of a ladybug landing on our arm.
The sound of spring rain splattering across the last crunchy leaves of winter.

We miss more.
We miss the deliciousness of life.

So with passion and something handmade!
This diligent effort keeps viable the life of artists and the culture of art
this country so daringly needs.
Art is the lifeblood of what is good and important.
It's not a spreadsheet or a bottom line.
It's THE lifeline that connects us to who we are.
~The rain that feeds our souls.
~The passion that lets us become our best selves.

Wishing peace this quiet afternoon.



Deborah T. Colter said...

Well said Patricia - "Without passion..........we are shells of human beings." and as human beings we must choose our own path - to living with passion!


Anonymous said...

"I loved the most recent blog about making and buying art! You are certainly a multi talented creator."


Kelly said...

I LOVE my box Pat! I loaded all my Fat Book cards into it today and it's just perfect! Thanks so much! Kelly

Campbell Jane said...

I love love love your boxes! They make me happy to look at them!