Friday, March 6, 2009

The Adventures of Baxter.......

Baxter is our newest tiger. A beautiful loving feline who pounced into our hearts last fall. He lived for a short time in our studio until the window of time opened that we could integrate him with our three other tigers. He's made a fine transition to his new home and is the softest, funniest cat. It's so nice having a kitten in our midst. Their amazing sense of wonder and soft playful ways are like nothing else.
Peace itself, wrapped in fur.
A rambunctious play hard, sleep hard lifestyle is his agenda.

For the past day or so we've had high winds sweep across our property. Gusts exceeding 35 mph for certain. Our wind bells and chimes have been eliciting the sounds of spring as robins and cardinals find their way about. We love wind and this time of year we know it brings with it the change we've been anticipating!

Last night all four kitties were taking wind baths on the upper deck, doors open to their magical, safe, star-lit playground. Jon realized one was missing..........OMG........a missing child........I should have been more diligent!
Who was it, where were they and how long had they been gone? All these thoughts and more raced through my head.
It was Baxter!
He either was swept off his paws by the gusts of wind or decided to leap from the deck. We think the later. Either way, he happily greeted us by the back door, came in and rolled around on the floor. He wasn't out long! We think his curiostiy overtook his good sense and he leaped over the edge to explore further what was in the yard below. We've asked him to promise not to pull this again.
Cats have 9 lives.
48 year olds don't!

So as I craft my blog entry, this diminutive package of fur covered love sleeps sprawled out on the couch of the same color. The last beams of sunlight warming his face.
He's pure peace and we all found one another at a very good time. His pulsing paws are hopefully not planning his next escape!

Above is a photo of Baxter near the hand painted hanging bead curtain in our kitchen.

Sending love and furry hugs to all my blog readers this windy March day........Spring is around the corner!



Coyote Soul said...

He jumped off the deck because he knows his way about the grounds and decided a short walk would be great on a fine night. Glad all worked out well. He's a sweetie.
Here's to spring and the "Opening Of the Seed Packets" ceremonies everywhere! Geri

Bonnie Blandford said...

Love this picture of the boy! Glad his leap was short-lived!