Friday, March 20, 2009

♥ This is Peace ♥

In what can only be deemed over-saturation, I've disconnected from a large part of the news media. I've whittled down my viewing choices of where and how I obtain current events and news. Too much negativity. To take control of this most invasive medium felt empowering. I've been known to be somewhat of a media junkie. I no longer align with that thinking.
Days can go by and I will not have watched the news. To some this may sound like I'm out of touch. The odd thing is, I feel more in touch by doing this. I'm in touch with the things that matter more in my life. The peripherals became a noise I no longer enjoyed. In doing this 'disconnect', I've 'reconnected'! To filter this out and take control when so many other aspects of life feel out of control, has become my own current event. I'd rather watch one of our four tigers bathe in a sunbeam than to see which failed financial institution is being bailed out.

One of my passions in recent years is the enjoyment of another type of cat......the panda. Pandas are called 'bear-cats'. Jon and I have twice gone to Zoo Atlanta to watch these enigmatic creatures. They captivate me like nothing else. They're the land equivalent of the aquatic dolphin with their healing presence. When I'm around them, I feel well and strong, my stress evaporates!

So on todays blog entry, I feature the lovely LunLun and her adorable youngest offspring, Xi Lan. They reside at Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is a wonderful inner city zoo that is easily walked and never too crowded. We love the intimacy this lovely zoo affords the viewer. I feature them today for a reason. For many months, the live feed of
PandaCam was not active. With funding of such things cut, daily panda viewing was not available. Now, thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsor EarthCam and a private donation from Mara Strock, it's back!

This is the 'news' I want to see!

Wishing peace this clear cool first day of spring ~


Bonnie Blandford said...

Bless those who brought back the Panda cam...


cabin + cub said...

Sooooo cute! I love pandas!

Katherine said...

Pandas are amazing creatures. :)

And congratulations on being able to better connect with the world around you. I agree that many times too much news can only be distracting.

Thanks for the comment on my blog as well! :) Happy selling on Etsy!

BlueStone Of Orcas Island said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet info on Pandas! Not sure how I came across your blog this early morning but I sure did need & enjoyed your page very much. It made me feel Peace which we need so much in our home & in the world. I appreciate your work & inspiration. Take care!