Saturday, March 21, 2009

★ Living Ones Dream ★

There's a certain stillness that settles within when you know, as a person, you are doing what you are destined to do.
What God, in his wisdom, helped you to find, hoped you would do.
I'm doing this.
I feel certain.
I was born to be an artist and I know, regardless of the difficulties life hands me, I am doing what I was meant to do.
There is peace in this knowing.
I've done other things in my life, some rather well, none however, with this degree of passion or zeal.
In this knowing lies the realization I no longer have to keep searching.
I need only to keep exploring.
There is a huge difference between the two.

Tonight I'm sharing with you another recent commission obtained through
This on-line global marketplace has introduced me to an entirely new set of collectors
who enjoy my TattooDreams work.
This celebration of handmade stirs in me the joy I get from using the talents I have
and creating for wonderful people, heartfelt handmade work.
It's made with joy, given with joy and expressed here, with joy!




Anonymous said...


"Lost" inspired?

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

This post is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Your heartfelt words remind me of what I've whispered to myself many times--and have only recently begun allowing myself to truly believe and to speak out loud.

Here's to being who we are supposed to be--no matter what anyone else says, *including* our own voice of fear. In our quietest moments, we know who we are. And only we can bring that particular light into the world.

Thank you.

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

Wonderful words!!!

I have always been artistic and when I became a adult I had jobs in the clerical field and I was so sad and felt like a flower struggling to come up in the crack of the sidewalk.

Finally, I listened to my inner self and quit jobs that were unsatisfying and started creating for a living.

Now I feel complete and content!