Wednesday, July 9, 2008

★ Spirit of '76 Farm ★

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{¸.*´ (¸.*` ⁂≈༺Good friends, good food and laughter! Jon and I are blessed with a variety of friends! After having a truely wonderful weekend at Boston MIlls ArtFest we delivered a piece to a customer in Ohio. Her purchase was made in Arizona in spring and the placement and home it now enjoys makes my heart smile.

After this delivery we took a slow drive out to Oak Harbor Ohio to spend time with friends Barbara and Allan. A painter and photographer who have given love and color to an old farmhouse. This colorful hideaway is their summer home while doing shows and provides ample respite to create and renew. The name 'Spirit of '76' comes from the house number and previous owners who named the property and the name seems fitting. Inside the colors are fun and the bright walls are graced with Allans photos, Barbara's paintings and fellow artists work. We were among friends in every way!
Barbara and Allan greeted us and took us on tour of their well manicured country gardens. They were beautiful and reminded me of the paintings Barbara use to paint. Their shared studio is an old white barn on the porperty with wide open spaces and room to create and spread out. I think of them a lot like I see Jon and I. The simple joy of being together at work and play. This barn yields the talents of this creative pair as they too take their work to shows across the country.

After the outdoor tour we were treated to the most amazing gluten free vegetarian meal anyone could hope for! Barbara is not only a talented painter and gardener, but a gifted cook. We had 3 appetizers and a 4 part main course complete with edible flowers. Her spinach roulade was a thing of beauty and she gladly shared recipes with me before we left! Wow! Every dish and every taste was carefully crafted and all tasted amazing! To take on the diverse food issues of guests being vegetarian, gluten free and diabetic and to make this all so special was an honor and a gift. We give it 5 forks!!!

There is a passion to gardening, to art and to preparing a beautiful feast. All were done so well and intertwined with conversation and laughter reflective of friends who have known one another a long time and still have much to learn.

Life would be empty without our dear friends. To have them adds color and texture to our world!

Patricia & Jon

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Holly Olinger said...

DUH! I was having a blonde moment and suddenly realized Barbara was the painter whose work I loved right behind me at Port Warwick last fall. She was also at BM1 but I was being introverted and didn't speak to her. Can you share the spinach recipe?