Thursday, July 10, 2008

๏ Airstreams & Dreams ๏

It's important for one to have a dream. Martin Luther King had one. We have one! Actually, we have lots of dreams. The decisions we make daily either help us come closer to those dreams or keep them further at bay.
After 24+ years circumnavigating this fine country of ours, we want to own an Airstream. Having once been owners of a tow behind camper, an Airstream is the quinessential camping vehicle. Some days the plan involves restoring a vintage model and outfitting it in retro barkcloth and sleezy lights draped around the windows with multicolred aluminum drinkware. Other times, when grandeur de jour takes over, the Christopher Deam models dance in our heads. Either way, the plan is to someday own, what we fondly call, a "silver turd", taking it to National Parks and exploring the great out west and parts we've not fully explored.

These shining examples of Americana have become highly sought after vehicles of years gone bye. When the open road and camping were what Americans did. We're old fashioned enough to embrace this concept but would outfit our turd (there's a fun use of words) with an espresso maker, Starbucks coffee, 360 thread count sheets and down comforters. Only the finer creature comforts for these 'campers'!

So with 'camper lust' firmly engrained in our minds and no budget to buy one, we stopped by the factory on our way home from Ohio. There,nestled among a well kept but older neighborhood of Jackson Center,Ohio sits the carefully manicured Airstream Factory. Daily tours are offered, but to keep 'turd lust' to a minimum, we refrained and saved that for another trip. Many buildings comprise this small factory that must employ the entire town. The office has a well laid out gift shop with parts and do dads for the turd afficianado. (Another set of bizzare words..........)
I knew this to be 'blog fodder' upon arrival! We took in the office and giftshop and venutred outside to take a few shots of vintage models that adorn the parking lot. We got some cool shots just before a monster storm set in.

Our theory of sales is to 'always leave them wanting more'.
Airstream in it's shimery, reflective nostalgic brillance did just that.
♬ Someday, our turd will come!! ♫



Anonymous said...

Airstream Dreams....a poem

You make us lust
you make us pine
oh silver turd
Some day
You're mine!

P.S. Can I come along too?

laurie b said...

I love your posts! When I'm not in the mood to write, I read yours and they inspire me! Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the dream! With Gratitude, Laurie B.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos from the AirStream much so they inspired go on your mailbox!

(I couldn't help myself!)

Rascallion said...

What a great post! I too have been dreaming of an Airstream for sometime now. Good to see I am in good company!

Patricia Hecker said...

Good company indeed! These modern day 'cathedrals of camping' with the lure of yesterday evoke a nostalgia that's irreplaceable!
Here's to the turd, long may she shine!

Thanks alls for reading my blog!

amy said...

Love your dream! I can't wait to relax in your turd some day.

Wow. That sounds... wrong.


Patricia Hecker said...

...Amy.......there's no 'hatch' in the turd, but we can still all have fun in our turd some day!