Thursday, July 17, 2008

★ A 'Virgin' Jar of Jif......and thou....... ★

Jif and I go back a long way. I recall the old days when Jif was in a glass jar. I was 17 and living on my own. I had very little money for most anything other than food and rent. I rode a bike since I didn't have a car. That was kept by my Dad when I moved out. With all 'luxuries' removed from your life, you learn to celebrate the 'small stuff'. Soon, if you really tune into it, you realize that it's all this small stuff that makes up the bulk of our life. The little moments, the scents, the intunedness of just being that fills our lives.
This is the rich nectar of life.
Some people never get it. Some people try to fill in the 'gaps' with stuff to fill a void they themselves have never closed.
Got news for ya, it's not the 'stuff' that's gonna make you happy!

When I was 17 and walking to the grocery store I had to be certain I didn't buy too much as to be able to carry it home in one bag about a mile and half away. With my budget that was fairly easy. Ramen noodles and peanut butter didn't weigh much! One day while walking home, the bag fell out of my arms and out rolled onto the sidewalk my beloved a glass jar. It broke. I stood there in astonishment that this happened. I was being so careful. Next I wondered, as I saw the small chards of glass and Jif glistening in the sun, what would I eat that week. This was a sight I was not certain to forget.
After that I bought a small old ladies cart that allowed for 2 bags of grocieries to come home. It was like having a car!
I treasure those simple days. I moved out at a young age, had no car, only a bike. I owned my bed and a rocking chair and made my way.
It taught me worlds about myself and how very little I really needed to be happy.

So now, when I open a beautiufl new jar of Jif, I carefully remove the inner protective silver safety seal and examine the golden contents. I admire the small air bubbles left after the packaging process and see the tiny flecks of stuff I'd prefer to not think are nuts. ( I don't like nuts).....thus only the Creamy version for this Jif girl!
Admiration for this food that has sustained me all these years is the least I can do. I have shared my 'ritual' of opening the jar with friends over the years. Carefully lit, it's a thing of beauty - a sight to behold! Some look at me like I'm weird. The rest understand. For I feel, if I were marooned on a desert island I could use the glorious Jif as both food and sunblock and moisurizer. What an amazing all purpose food it is!

So, on this warm summer day, my 48th birthday, I celebrate all the things that make me smile! My wonderful husband Jon, my family, friends, our tigers and where I've been. If it were not for those desperate days I could not appreciate the fullness of my life now.
I feel blessed!
I continue to look inside the Jif jar and am happy to see when it's full!
Happy Birthday too to my brother Ken whom I share this birthday with. He's 50 today!


Anonymous said...

You go, girl. Love, Donco

laurie b said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Jif girl! I'm a creamy gal too! With gratitude, Laurie B.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Birthdays and Peanut Butter.....Both have the ability to make (and bring back) good memories!

Spillar said...

Hi Pat

Happy belated birthday. You brought back memories for me, my cheap food of choice was a bag of potatoes and a jar of pace picante sauce.

Thanks for the add. I like the idea of your cool blog list. I am going to make my own list on my blog when I get home. Of course....I will add you on. Love your blog

See you in Memphis ..... Well, if the jury sees fit to have me