Friday, July 25, 2008

An Image Says it All!

For 24 years we have done outdoor juried art shows. We have utilized different ways of photgraphing our mixed media body of work. With the work being dimensional it has some parameters that call for shadow to be seen but not be too strongly side-lit that it distorts the art. It's tricky at best and becomes an expensive learning curve.
The quality of the images and their content is imperative since show juries view the work for less than 30 seconds. This is what a 35.00 jury fees 'buys'. An impression. It is that impression that either gets me into a show or not.
Is it cut-throat?
Oh yes!
Is it moreso in recent years?........You bet!
Competition at shows is tighter than ever.
It's this high level of competition that keeps me making what I feel to be better work and jury images and Jon trying to find better ways to capture them.
Todays blog shows a piece I sold at Boston Mills. It's called 'Eclipse'. He shot this in my booth with hard side lights in the booth. Not ideal controlled lighting by any means. This is not jury quality, but it does inspire us to shoot the work on an angle as opposed to straight on as we had been doing.
Here's to the competitive spirit that keeps us working towards the best possible!

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Holly Olinger said...

I kinda had this same idea as no one ever grasps the thinkness of the glass. Only thing - I have no Bon Jovi for the pics. :(