Sunday, July 6, 2008

༺★༻ Viva La Frida! ༺★༻

Today marks the birthday of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I learned of Kahlo long after my other favorite artist Van Gogh. The appeal of these two artists might be the common denominator they shared, besides their incredible talent.......their pain. These two unique individuals, raised on opposite sides of the globe, found solace in their craft which helped one through mental anquish and the other through physical torment. To create with pain is a task I know well. Both mental and physical. To create things of beauty when you don't feel well, I fully understand.
The life of Frida Kahlo may be remembered for her tumultuous relationship with painter husband Diego Rivera or her strong political views. What should surface were the powerful images this gifted woman left behind. Becoming famous after her young death, her exquiste paintings that grace the walls of museums and collections exhibit a unique style that captured the beauty and authenticity that is Mexico. Her talent provided an outlet for anguish that some will never understand.
Her visceral pain was captured in paint and her joy in color.
It was said that after her death, when she was cremated, her bones glowed in purples and reds and it was then, with paper and pen in hand, that her beloved Diego made what was known to be the last drawing of his soulmate Frida Kahlo.

Color transcends death, as does love and spirit.

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo, you are an icon to many and an inspiration to me!

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