Tuesday, July 15, 2008

☀ Time ★

I blog this evening about time. It's such an abstract thing but what we do with it is a measure of progress. Its passage an earmark.
Two of my blogging friends experienced varying issues with time this week. One was getting ready for her biggest show of the year. For that task, there never seems to be enough time. Time to create, pack, feel prepared for a big show. It can be overwhelming even when things go as planned. When they don't, the perception and loss of time seems even more critical.
When help was offered, it freed her up to think more clearly. She said that was a gift. I can relate to that. Sometimes that freeing up is the breath we need, like punctuation in a sentence. Be it a comma or an exclamation point!

Another blogging friend is utilizing her time to reinvent her craft. As an artist, this experimental time is a gift we don't give ourselves often enough. To walk into your studio and pick up new or different tools and bring something new to life is the birthing of the creative force alive and well.
Nothing new may materialize, but it is the enigma of the effort that is the energy of an artist.
Without this growth, as creatives, we wither.
We need to revitalize our minds and spirits and in our studio the soil is ripe to do so.
We have tools and materials and a familiarity with the process and all that is needed is desire.
Without desire, there is no passion.
It's passion that fuels us.
Without passion, we just make 'stuff'.
It's passion that opens our minds to possibilities
and passion that engages our heart and our hands and lets
the concept turn into reality.

So here's to the passion and passage of time!

Have a wonderful evening,

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