Tuesday, July 1, 2008

☁ Happy July! ☂

Happy July Everyone!
I love July!!! It's the middle of summer, middle of the year, or so it feels, and my birthday is this month! I love having birthdays.......it means I'm still alive and doin' my thing! Beats the alternative~
Home ever so briefly between Kansas City and heading to Peninsula Ohio for 4 days at Boston Mills ArtFest.
There we'll see lots of friends, laugh way too mcuh (no such thing) and sell a lot of art..........or so is the plan.
Last night we had dinner on the back deck and quality time with our tigers, Fripples, Milo and Oreo.
(They don't know we're leaving again so soon....shhhh...) It's such great karma being around these furry souls......
Below is a shot of our 'commute' down our drive way to the studio............
Above is the view from our home on Purple Hill to the fields just baled across the road.
Sometimes the cows graze there and we wave to them and visit.

Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful views...and no standing water in sight! (LOL!)

How did the KC show go? The booth setup looked great.

Can you really hear the corn grow?

laurie b said...

Very lovely! I should send you my flood pictures!! And YES, you can here OUR corn growing....last year it was over 10 feet tall by July 4th. This year we're way behind schedule due to flooding but the past week it is growing gangbusters! I'll post the corn picture I took last year on my blog for my Happy 4th Of July...My six foot tall hubby is standing in front of it with his arms above his head....it's a hoot! This year, I feel for all of the flood victims. We were hit, but not as hard as Iowa....still makes this tough times....At any rate, great post!!
With gratitude,
Laurie Beggin

Holly Olinger said...

This post just made me so happy. Thanks Pat. Good luck this weekend.

Patricia Hecker said...

♥ Thanks for the love all!
≈ No standing water, our floods are gone.
☀ Never heard corn grow. What grows across from us is hay.
♣ And yes.........thank you.........we plant o sell some art this weekend!
☞ Lookout OHIO!