Monday, July 14, 2008

•••• Summer Obsession ••••

I realize I have obsessions. They come and go, some remain. My obsession with rubber stamps has catapulted into an entirely new body of work, my Tattoo
I use stamps in a way that hard core folks would frown upon. I get the precious wood mounts stained! No, not stained, dirty with paint, that's what I do. For those that carefully wipe their used stamps with a paper towel and stamp cleaner to remove every last trace of ink after stamping ............ I'm a whore!
I wash mine in the sink with Irish Spring soap!
There, I said it!

My other new 'obsession' seems to revolve around small colorful glass beads that become eye-candy when strung. Their colorful simplicity I find exciting. Their cost is low, their 'smilage' high. Perhaps this is a fleeting summer fancy, but I could have more excessive ways to have fun. I could be the person who needs the $600.00 Coach leather bag or the fancy summer sandals. Nope. Not me. I'm too practical to want what everyone else does. Nothing says "I'm unique" like wearing and having what everyone else has. Touting it like a peacock cause it costs too much.
Two words for that, pa-lease!

So my current fix is beads. I may get over it and I may not.
Either way, I'm having fun, and isn't that what life is all about!!

To all who have been emailing me and leaving comments about my blog, thank you! Keep em' coming!
I love that you love it. I've found it to be a cathartic release of what stirs my soul and am more than happy that
it finds it's way to your computer and may make you smile!

Have a most excellent week!
I wish you peace~

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