Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kansas City Power and Light District

Today was a beautiful day! We are showing our work at the new Howard Alan show in the Power & Light District in Kansas City MO. Set up yesterday was brutally hot and we paced ourselves. Last night we had a huge downpour that cooled things off on this summer weekend. A huge blessing after the heat we've endured at recent shows.
Our booth is wonderfully situated in the epicenter of this new event. We have a great location (thank you Debbie)! We've had tremendous interest in our work and sold a small piece today. We're hoping for additional sales tomorrow as the weather will again be kind to us. For a new event, there was a strong turn out and enthusiastic patrons that seem happy to have another quality show in their area. We're happy to be here in the inagural year and want to see this show take off.

Today we were graced by meeting two people who have come to know us through this blog! How cool is that? I began this blog/journal in January on a cold winter day and it has become a wonderful vehicle to chronicle my work, our travels and life in general. To meet people who have come along on this journey and vicariously enjoyed and shared this blog was a joy. I sometimes wonder who reads my words and today I met some of these fine people!
Thank you for coming out.
Thank you for reading and thank you for caring.
We can think of our world as large and diverse or small and interconencted.
Todays experiences underscored the beauty of meeting people through the power of words and the sharing of art.
With a handshake in thought I thank you for letting me know my words, often typed in the dark and quiet hours, reach an audience who cares and is interconnected!

Art unites and mingles souls and we're all the better for it!



laurie b said...

Nameste' to you too! What a beautiful piece and what beautiful displays!!! I am gearing up to do art fairs and just got my tent. I am wondering how to display my stained glass and am so nervous about it! Seeing your displays inspires me to keep plodding on! My biz is hurting so bad right now but I don't want to give up. Thank you for sharing this post and your experience! With gratitude, Laurie B.

tiger04 said...

I saw you at the KC art fair! You had beautiful pieces--such entricate detail and fun, bright colors. I hope you can come back next year for the 2nd district art annual!