Tuesday, April 29, 2008

••• The ZOO is open!!! •••

Here are the six cute little critters we have spent so much time with in our studio. This is a quick shot of them taken on the table saw, without studio lighting. 'Glamor shots' of them were done yesterday at our photographers studio. We get those files back today!!! Here you'll see one set with braces and one without.
Currently working on the sea creatures and feeling like that managerie will be the most popular. When we began ArtfulSmiles in Jan 2005, our first trade show was for pediatric dentists in Orlando. It was there we learned that the offices of these toothy professionals were very much designed to themes and fish were a major request! When we realized we could add braces to our designs and take them further, we attended an orthdontic convention in Las Vegas two years ago. Again, aquatic requests!
So this year when we attend the orthodontists convention in Denver
(May 16-20) we will have two new lines, the zoo creatures and the aquatic series!!
Are we ever psyched!!!
Thanks to all of our dear friends for your support and enthusiasm during this project!!! We love you!
We hope you'll like these!
Pat & Jon


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Anonymous said...

Pat and Jon - it looks like you've got a WINNER!

Patricia Hecker said...

Thanks all!
We're really happy with what's happening here at our studio!
We're tired but thrilled!


amy said...

Of course I knew there would be a panda in there somewhere. =-)