Friday, April 25, 2008

New ArtfulSmiles in the works!

Things here at Hecker Design Studio are in full swing as we prepare new images for our other business,
May 16-20 will have us at the Colorado Convention Center for the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) Annual Session. About 300 other exhibitors will set up their wares at this trade show along with us. We do however offer one of the more colorful booths among those showing dental hardware, toothpaste, dental chairs and office software. Last time we did this show it was in Las Vegas and we resaid our wedding vows as it was also our anniversary. Presiding over the 'cermony' was a cardboard Elvis and our software selling neighbors were our attendants as borrowed flowers from the booth across from us graced our space. We did it at the end of a long day and all had a good laugh doing so.

This year there will be no Elvis, but we will have new 'friends' with us in the way of new images we're taking! I will document them here in the coming days as they come alive out in our studio!

All I can say is lions and lobsters and kitties oh my!!

Keep watching......



Holly Olinger said...

Cannot wait to see your new smiles!!!

ONG - have you ever pressed that wheelchair button and listened to the aliens in your moderation box??? That is really scary, Pat.

Anonymous said...

OMG! No Elvis! But he had the best smile of all. (Actually it was probably a snicker.)

Artful Snickers?

See you in about 5 weeks.