Friday, April 18, 2008

^^^^ The Earth Moved!! ^^^^

How cool is that? Yes, here in the rolling hills of southern Indiana we experinced a rather lengthy earthquake at 5:38 this morning! We both immediatly heard and felt the prolonged shaking of our home. At first I felt it was high wind or a tornado. We both got up, tuned on lights and sucked into the living room couches and turned on the tv. I grabbed my laptop and began looking for verification. With the immediacy of information, it was there! I'm a media junkie at times like this!

It was a 5.4 on the Richter Scale and lasted at least 45 seconds. Seconds that felt like a very long time as the house shook, kitties were awakend from snooring sleep and our collection of colored glass shook in the kitchen window! A ceramic glove mold on my dresser shook back and forth with a rattling sound, but never fell over. An aftershock was felt at 11:14 am and was less severe. We both felt that one too!
The quake's epicenter on the Wabash Fault Line was about 85 miles from here in Vincennes Indiana. There students were evacuated from dorms at the crack of dark. At Indianapolis International Airport, tower controllers were pulled from their post as well. This delayed 3 flights.

So Mom Nature did the twist and her sizemic plates did the grand shift. There is something wonderfully awesome about these demonstrations of energy deep within the Earth. This penetrated Earths core more than 3 miles deep. I can't even fathom this statistic, but am in awe of it! A grand reminder we live on a planet alive and still altering herself.
We best be kind to her!


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Holly Olinger said...

This truly is a time for awa and appreciation for our Earth Mother.