Monday, April 7, 2008

★ Wings ★

There are times in our life when we look deep inside to find where to turn next. Sometimes the answer becomes crystal clear, other times we have to dig deeper. Other times we just have to listen patiently for our mind to intercept what the world around us is saying.

Recently I was sick. It forced me to slow down. I had no choice.
In doing so I was reminded that our bodies tell us what they need.
Sometimes in a whisper, other times they yell.
We need to take these forced 'intermissions' to listen quietly to ourselves.

I grew up surrounded by wise women. I felt like I had doctors and healers in my family since these women had medical and spirtual wisdom I looked to often. One was my Aunt Loretta. My Mother, Loretta, was named after her. She taught me so much!
She outlived my own Mother who died when she was 45.
Aunt Loretta sewed her own clothes and made mine.
She took lots of vitamins and loved cats.
She played piano and loved one man in her life.
When he died she lived alone but was never lonely.
She loved auctions and the thrill of a good find as much as I do.
Her and I were carved of the same mold, of this I am certain!
She told me the body remakes itself every 7 years.
She also told me that we all have what we need within ourselves to become who we need to be.
She also told me that when we sleep, our bodies remake themselves every night.
I love this!
I loved her.
She was a short spunky woman, who wore more jewelry than my collective family and I loved everything about her.
She had no idea what a profound influnce in my life she made. She lost a child in childbirth and never had children but imparted life long lessons that, to this day, I cherish with love.

She gave me wings!


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