Sunday, April 20, 2008

•• Sunday, and We're Home! ••

I had a great day today! I slept good, had a great breakfast with Jon and the tigers and eased into morning slowly. Not being in a show on a weekend is a treat! Kitties love us being home and vice-versa! They've been taking turns parking themselves on the luggage I need to unpack. I tend to be slow to do this. I also feel it gives them a sense of control if we let them sleep on the 'where are you going' bags. Perhaps I am projecting...or making excuses.

The day was interspersed by phone calls to my friend Bonnie. She is spirit itself with a hearty laugh I love hearing! She's given us valuable insight and critique to the slides we are about to submit to the folk art show Kentuck. I'll be applying with my TattooDreams work and it may be it's first time at a 'real show'......needless to say, I'm very excited! We'll shoot the booth shot during the week on a nice overcast day out in the driveway.

Today also brought about a solid meeting of the minds of the NAIA Fun Raising Committee. We had a conference call that seems to have ironed out some details and given us more focus. The creative brainstorming we accomplished felt great!

I made a batch of gluten free granola for Jon which left our home smelling of warm cinnamon! I used Pomegranate juice in the base which turned this batch an interesting shade of pink!
I also cleaned the guts out of 3 gourds I plan to have in my exhibit at the By Hand Gallery here in Bloomington. That exhibit opens while we're in Denver. Sorry we'll miss the opening, but it runs a little over a month. It will have my boxes, crosses, gourds, and furniture.

Work continues with developing the new ArtfulSmiles. When they come together, you'll see them here!! We will showcase them in Denver at the upcoming American Association of Orthodontists convention in May.

All in all ~ a great day!
Showcasing a TattooDreams Day of the Dead box I sold on etsy this morning.
Here's to a great week!



Holly Olinger said...

Granola recipe?

alyoung said...

Nice design with the reverse!

alyoung said...

Love the theme and the white on black!