Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dreaming is Billable Time....

I was really tired last night. Maybe overtired. Is there really such a thing? I physically was tired. I'd worked hard in the studio, did a lot of thinking tasks with NAIA Board work I was doing and was ready for a big sleep. It didn't happen. First of all, we had the fan on and I thought that was okay. I realized somewhere early in the morning that the breeze up my nostrils was keeping my brain awake. I wasn't chilled. I must have a senstive brain.......So, I sat up to pull the fan tassel and pulled the light tassel instead thus further interrupting my REM sleep with a blast of light. I'm senstive to light or the lack of it.......ugh.......then my mind was really awake. The lists began in my grey matter folder......I had details to add to my NAIA Fundraising Forum and some new ArtfulSmiles ideas......stuff for TattooDreams marketing.........oh my!
It turns out that sometimes my best brainstorms come when I'm sleeping or dreaming. Our bed is my think tank and pillows and comforters just make ideas flow and loft much easier. 200 thread count ideas!!

Like I've always said......sleep is the best thing going. To be alive and unconscious at the same time is awesome!!

Off to the studio!

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Holly Olinger said...

Your picture just blows my mind. It makes me think of being at the Penny Candy store as a kid. Too much fun stuff to choose from.