Monday, April 14, 2008

♣ Needfire ♣

This past weekend was fun! We were in Houston for the Woodland Waterways Arts Festival. Stellar weather was with us all weekend. Clear blue skys, a light wind and mild temperatures had the grounds to this magnificent show bustling.
The public was engaged and buying! This does the soul good! Water taxi's brought patrons from the local hotels to the show.
Saturday was Jons birthday. He was wished well by a myriad of friends, some we hadn't seen in a while, which is always fun. The Mexican music had us all in a festive mood.

On Sunday I took part in a lengthy NAIA board meeting phone call. I sat quietly in the van in the artists parking lot watching small birds in a pine tree snugged into the hood of the van while sipping a Starbucks peppermint mocha. As a group we accomplished a lot in the 3 hours this call took.
We begin again and grow as a group.

While I was away from my booth, my name was called to accept an award! I won Best in 3D Mixed Media! I get invited back and will be happy to partake in such a wonderful show! I also got a wonderful 3 colored ribbon! I happen to love getting these, did I mention that? Half an hour later we made our only sale of the show. This to appreciative customers who had never viewed our work prior to that day and chose to invest in us. Very cool! Very appreciated! A good exchange, as I loved this piece!

Later in the day the air became filled with an energy I love! Celtic Rock thundered from the waterfront stage and I was captivated. A celtic band from Dallas, "Needfire" was playing and the crowd engaged. I became one of them. I took in their energy and the sun and wind and was pleasantly reminded of the goodness and fullness of this thing called art! This time I was not the focus in my 10x10 space, but this enigmatic group on stage. Comprised of 2 guitarists, one acoustic, one electric, a drummer, a piper and one on violin. The violinist alternated with playing the didgerido. These high energy musicians wearing their Doc Martins and kilts were awesome! They have cd's available and I will be supporting them when I can afford to buy their music.
High on my growing list of music for certain!
All in all, a good day and excellent weekend.
Graced with mild breezes, sun, friends, income, comraderie, NAIA and good karma!
Life is good and we're here to make it better!

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Holly Olinger said...

This trip was what you needed. I am so happy for you.