Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Irons in the fire!!

Hi Readers!
We got home last night from Houston. A good trip, but glad to be home!
Spring has arrived to the rolling hills of Monroe County and our Purple Hill property.
Trees are budding and the weather warming. Today we have sun!!!

We're home somewhat briefly before returning to the road for a show in Dallas. Prior to leaving for that show, our new images have to be built and photographed for ArtfulSmiles. Once we return from Dallas, we hit the road for Denver. It's in Denver that we'll be showing our line of photographs at the Orthodontists Annual Session (trade show). While in Dallas, our local craft co-op is doing a month long show of my TattooDreams work. That has too be done prior to leaving for Dallas, along with two commissions.
So life is somewhat crazy. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with board duties of the NAIA but am trying to stay focused. Not all of the board members do as many shows as we do, so I hope they understand when I do all I can.

The TattooDream gourd I'm showing here was from my Waldron Art Center exhibit last fall. I was happy when it didn't sell since I wanted to keep it myself! ~ I own very little of my own work. We own none of my Hecker Design work, but am taking on a collection of the TattooDreams. Our guest loft is known as the TattooDreams suite! It's gotten rave reviews and guests here at Purple Hill are served fresh Starbucks coffees with our own barista, Jon at the big orange machine and gourmet vegetarian meals.....oh........and we have 3 amazingly wonderful kitties, Milo, Fripples and Oreo! The suite is 'booking' fast with many friends stopping by for visits through summer!! We look forward to them all!

Hugs from Purple Hill!


Winklepots said...

You're so creative. No wonder you wanted to keep it for yourself. :o)

Holly Olinger said...

It's so nice that you end up with the beautiful pieces in your guest room and not the rusty mangled junk in my leftover pile. * snicker.

Anonymous said...

See you in June!!!!