Thursday, March 6, 2008

★ Affirmations Table ★

Sometimes projects come together in a wonderful way over a period of time! Objects find their destiny as do people.
This was one of them!
Pictured above is a table with some history! It was found 15 years ago along a busy Indianapolis road, cast away from people
that no longer wanted or needed it. Its foot was injured. We saved it! For a while we used it. Then we too stowed it away.
Last fall we brought it back to life by sanding it. Jon altered the damaged foot by reshaping it. It got stamped with loving words and I made beads to adorn the sides as fringe.
Last fall it became one of 3 tables in my Waldron Art Center exhibit and lived in a Bloomington gallery for 4 weeks.
Now it lives up in our guest loft where friends spend the night.
It seems to like its new home!
Jon photographed it last week and it's currently under consideration to be included in Lark Books 500 Tables.
Even if it's not selected..........'s come a long way baby!!



Human Touch Designs said...

Absolutely beautiful work! I have subscribed to your blog and hearted your etsy shop!

Holly Olinger said...

WOW - lark books? Hope you get in. ~H

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning table!! The provenance is wonderful...that table was a treasure in waiting....waiting for a gifted artist to see it with a different eye. Love Tattoodreams! Geri

kristen said...

This is really beautiful, and with such a great story too!

Jon Hecker said...

What a great story. Cool table too! I'd love to see included with 499 other noteworthy tables.

Morgen said...

This little table is totally stunning. Your art has so much honesty and spirit, a quality which I really admire in an artist.
I am a fellow Etsyian and just found you there toady. I'm glad I did - your work is a breath of fresh air.