Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's All About Color!

Good Morning Groopies!
Seems I have a few folks wanting my Potato Enchilada recipe........I'll try to post that one tomorrow!
Suffice it to say, we had them last night along with my killer refried beans and we're still coming down from it.
It's one of our favs!

Todays entry is a quickie.... a splash of color. This is our kitchen window. As you can see, we like glass!
Some of these colorful gems are from our dear friend Holly. It was Holly that made her blog first and in doing so,
motivated me to do the same. I wasn't completely sure what I'd write about, but I feel my viewers and friends are guiding
my decisions on what this needs to contain.

My TattooDreams work entails using lots of black paint. My HeckerDesign (http://www.heckerdesign.com) work uses a full array of colors. Since I am back in show mode, I'm back to painting with colors and so sharing our colorful kitchen window seemed like a good idea.

Hi ho.........it's off to the studio I go!

Have a most excellent day!


Anonymous said...

YES!!! Color excites and soothes the soul all at once! My world had been a palate of whites and blues this winter as snow and shade covered all. And now....yellow sun, reflective puddles of melting snow, green and brown grasses. Little by little the color palate changes and will grow more intense with each passing day. Spring is the rebirth of color and I cherish it so. Geri

laurie b said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!! AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO!!! I've added you to my blogroll! SO glad I found you! Hope I have the feed working....love the way you write! Sincerely, Laurie Beggin at http://www.lauriebethbeggin.blogspot.com