Thursday, March 27, 2008


We've been around these gentle giants for the last week and they continue to amaze us.
Tonight we'll head over to the show site and set up around 8:30pm. The area for the show is not far from ASU campus and
looks nice.
Today we relaxed, did laundry and gave ourselves hair cuts. It's frightening how good we've gotten at the 'self inflicted haricut'! I mean, how bad can they look? It's hair...... it will grow.

Our time here has been so good for us both............we NEEDED sunlight! We have come to realize that winters are hard on us for numerous reasons. The change of income, lack of shows, alteration of routine and lack of light, take their toll. Having been born in Florida and having lived there for 23 years, the midwest is a huge change. We've lived in the midwest longer than planned. We love our home/ studio and the cultural diversity and liberal feel of Bloomington, but the weather and lack of light make us feel less than alive for several months of the year.
We know we have to make changes, and they will take time and money to implement, but are very necessary!

There's a fine line in ones life where you need to be greatful and settled where you are, and yet strive to be where you want to be. We've both come to realize the importance of sunlight!
To feel fully alive 12 months of the year is pretty darn important!
Life is shorter than we think!

Reporting from the sunny state of Arizona,


Anonymous said...

Love me that cactus! Today we had snow but it was the soft and heavy transitional snow of the midwest. Spring cometh. It is so important to know where you grow.
Here's to a great weekend, great show, and beyond! Geri

Anonymous said...

Oh the mighty cactus!

I saw a Discovery Channel program which showed how these beautiful giants swelled unbelievably after a rain storm. I'll never look at them in the same way again. You're lucky to be where you are.

Good luck with the show...and how about a photo of the new hair-dos?