Monday, March 24, 2008


Today's Monday.
Yesterday was pretty hot out at the show. We spoke to a variety of interesting people from all walks of life and were graced by wonderful artist neighbors we'll meet up with again. This comraderie and support surpases the life I'd live if I worked in a cubicle.
I know, because I've been there and done that.

My brand new 5 foot piece 'Desert Dawn' was purchased yesterday by a wonderful self made woman. Technically it sold 15 minutes after the show closed.........It will reside in her home on Lake Erie and be delivered by us later in the year en route to another show in Ohio. She had such light in her smile as she said she too is self employed and understood what we do. She was proud of her independence and understood ours.
Wow, I return again to the importance of how much that simple sentence means to Jon and I.
To be understood!

The photo Jon shot on Saturday and I have here today is this magnificent succulent. It was near our booth. Every time I see this plant I'm enamored by its sturdy presence and cool detail. Each frond unfolds from the core and leaves with it the imprint of the neighboring frond. I think we do that as people as well.
We have many lessons to learn from nature if we just slow our hearts and eyes to 'see' rather than just 'look'.

Love and later!


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Anonymous said...

'Desert Dawn" is so striking! The new owner surely appreciates fine art. Now, on to Tempe and continued success. Enjoy! Geri