Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cosanti Bell Foundry

Today we had a great day! We began with a visit to the mermaid and breakfast in the room. Followed by making a picnic lunch to take with us, we were off!
First stop was Cosanti Foundation, 5 acres tucked away in suburban Scottsdale. Nestled amidst oak trees and potted plants ranging from prostrate rosemary to succulents, this magical site is where thousands of windbells are made. We arrived about 1/2 an hour before pouring and walked through and around the magnificent life pods this Italian architect built. Paolo Soleri and his crew of workers learning the hot but precise trade, work daily in this arid outdoor environment.

As artists who admire the working spaces of other artists, this space is beyond words. Hills were first created using rammed earth. On top and over these hills were cast the studio buildings and then the dirt dug out. This left behind the self-supporting structure that much resembles a skeletel shell. These 'carved' caverns and heavy awnings comprise the outdoor living studio that is Cosanti.

Our last visit here was 12 years ago and the work and imagination that intercede with fine crafted bronze poured bells continues. The daily visitors and worn paths are testament to the quiet crowds that witness 2200ยบ molten bronze take shape daily.

The photos we're including today show the outdoor studio where bells and literature about this facsinating man and his lifelong work endure.
He's a strong advocate of building up rather than out and his guiding principle is his self-coined phrase "archology", which is architecture and ecology morphed into one.

To us, his philosophy is immense and our day was a gift unwrapped before our eyes.

Pat ♥ Jon


Anonymous said...

A sacred space, that's what it is. Intimate and public. Art and architecture made accessible. Thanks for sharing with your wonderful words and photographs. Geri

Diana Evans said...

wow...these photos are amazing...what a great place...

Space Oddities said...

wow, this looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I only wish we could be there with you! We miss you both.

Plus, the Northwest is just awful right now. Some sun would be really nice.

Scot & Amy