Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Light • Color • Form • Texture

Todays entry was inspired by our visit to the Mesa Arts Center. We laid low during the high heat and allergy laden day to obtain the long shadows and cool of late afternoon. We walked among fountains and shadows and soaring architecture that graced the grounds of this local gem. Fountains, manmade streams and facades that danced with the wind encompassed these magnificent grounds. Textured esplanades of native plants and rough stone made this cavernous site a joy to explore.
Sadly we'll miss a performance by opera singer Paul Potts at the facility this week. Paul is a new talent whom I've come to admire.

Tonight we drove through the Arizona State University campus and not far from there where our booth will be this weekend. It looks nice and energetic. We'll set up there tomorrow night after LOST.

All for now,
Pat & Jon

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Anonymous said...

Sorry folks......

New episodes of Lost won't return until April 24th....


So it's up tp you guys to keep us riveted to your blog for the rest of your journey.