Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mesa, Arizona

...we have arrived! The drive through the mountains yesterday was stirring. The terrain and colors mesmerizing. Snow capped the mountains in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. We saw steep red rocks, wide open plateau's and the finale was last nights drive through Oak Creek Canyon. One of the most magestic drives this country offers. Winding hills and mountains and pines and snow on the ground at this high elevation. Then we drop back down and the saguaro cactus appear swathed in dark but sillouetted against the ambiant night sky. These old giants of the desert are wise plants that seem to laugh with arms raised. I love their silent presence since unlike a tree or bush, they do not move in the wind. They stand watching and guarding!

Today we were bathed in warmth and sunshine and the exotic fragrance of orange blossoms and jasmine everywhere. It's intoxicating. With Easter so near, maybe I died and went to heaven! Such a treat after a long cold winter and bone chilling dampness. My bones are thawing out and my eyes happy to see things in bloom!
We set up our booth tonight on the street of the small town of Fountian HIlls. Aptly name for the huge fountain that sends water shooting way high every hour on the hour. We'll get a shot of this over the weekend. The booth was in place and work hung but it was too dark to get a shot of any of the new pieces. We'll do that tomorrow. We feel ready to have a stellar weekend and great sales.
Time to iron our clothes and hit the hay for a good nights sleep. Sorry no visuals for tonights entry. Today was a day of moving from one hotel and getting settled into another. I promise more visuals in the next entry!

Goodnight from the beautiful west~

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