Tuesday, January 8, 2008


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{¸.*´ (¸.*`¤~Still learning my way around how to edit and move things here on my blog.
Sold another piece on etsy. Such wonderful customers who appreciate the
work I've made. While not being at art festivals, interacting with those buying my
work first hand, this is a great alternative. It allows me to create a body
of work that will probably not be seen at shows with me. A good place for experimentation........
maybe someday all this will let me find a path to the journey of painting......

One never knows where the path of creativity will take them. It has no roadmaps or
directions, and must be journeyed with intuition as your compass. Getting lost
along the way, hitting roadblocks and detours is all part of finding ones destination......
if there really is such a thing to be found!

Sharing with you on this rainy Bloomington day another piece of my TattooDreams
work. This box recently sold to some dear friends in lovely New Mexico,
the Land of Enchantment. Thank you for your support and love!
Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy.



David said...

Dearest Pat, You are correct, "One never knows where the path of creativity will take them," but the path will lead to many great friends. And, I have found you and Jon. Hugs, d

David Haun

phillytwin2002 said...

My Aunt Mary is a Frida freek! I'll have to show her this box, she's coming to visit on Sunday.