Sunday, January 13, 2008

♥ Sunday Morning ♥

A wonderfully quiet Sunday morning. Foggy and 31º. Milo and Fripples were snugged in bed with us loving the attention and warmth. Oreo, our newest tiger is adjusting well. He's far younger and therefore more playful than our other two, but a beautiful addition to our family. His little kittyisms make us laugh. He loves to play in his water bowl and has cetain toys he licks incessantly. Cats are so much like people. Not that we lick our toys mind you......but all have such unique personalities. I love their independance and ability to adjust no matter where they find themselves.
Their adaptability is to be admired!

I share with you, a sweet photo of our Oreo by the wood stove. He's magestic, isn't he?




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phillytwin2002 said...

I believe cats are superior to people because they land on all 4 feet if tossed out the window and we'd land on our heads!