Thursday, January 10, 2008

Switchplates and LOST oh my!!

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Kinda grey and dreary here, but that won't stop me from a day of major creativity! The studio woodstove is warming as I speak and the atmosphere out there invites me to play! UPS brought some much awaited supplies to my door this morning, so I'm going to be busy! The positive comments from etsy artists and buyers have me fueled and ready to create some new boxes. Last night I added some TattooDream switchplates to my etsy shop. We have handmade switchplates on pretty much every switch in our home. Some mine, some by other artists. What a fun way to add a little bit of affordable art to the most mundane little surface. Instant fun!

In the evenings my sweetie and I have been watching the dvd's of LOST lent to us by my brother and sis-in-law. Hubby and I are LOST nuts and these previous shows have us catching the subtle details we missed prior to owning a dvd player. We got one for Christmas this year and are really enjoying it! A little tequila, a little LOST. A little tequila, a little LOST....gee where ever did the evening go?

Today I'll pop in a photo of a few of my switchplates. Please be sure to check out the rest on my etsy site linked through here. This evening I'll add a few more things I'm finishing today.

Off to the studio!
Love and later...


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Anonymous said...

Love the switchplates - they look great