Friday, January 11, 2008

♥ Purple Hill ♥

♥ Foggy and grey here today. Will take to the studio to continue work on the new boxes that arrived. Jon will work on photgraphing them this evening so I can have new images up tonight. He's really good at capturing these pieces. There's something about this work, my love of pattern and the crispness of black on wood that keeps me engaged. It's funny, since my art has always been all about color. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. I live in a purple house, have purple glasses and almost every wall inside my home is a different this void of color soothes me. It's odd and interesting to me and I continue to let it take me where it will.

After a wonderful breakfast of heart shaped waffles and a peppermint mocha from my loving husband/barista/photographer........I'm fueled for another productive day of making art!

I leave you today with an image of our home, Purple Hill. ♥


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