Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How We Elect Irresponsible People.....101

Are we a shallow society or do we have such poor leadership that we look for the mistakes they have failed to find?
Apparently 'hot photos of Palin" is the number one search in Google photos. Millions of Americans feel the need to vet the
Republican VP selection more carefully than the 72 year old McCain did.

I personally think he has no desire to win.
I think he was the best of the worst to throw to the lions!

Palins mighty use of firearms and her scorching ability to kill wildlife all the while saying she values the living is a huge contradiction of her beliefs. Be they what they are, she is pro-life even in cases of incest and rape.........I find that unyeilding decision disgusting. I say this as a pro-choice Catholic.
If the Republican party thinks women want a female in office so badly that they are going to vote for this overly busy soccer Mom who is still changing diapers for her own 4 month old and will now soon be doing so for her 17 year old daughters unplanned child.........get real!!
We are not that stupid!!!
Glass ceilings were broken by Hillary Clinton first, not her!! She can sweep up the mess, not build platforms on the broken chards and reach through waving a flag and hope we see her!
If this scenerio of choices was playing out in the Democratic party the Republicans would have a field day.
I'm just going to watch it all unfold and pray that this country elects Obama.

We don't need four more years of the same.
We can't afford four more years of over spending, war and mis-use of power and lies.
We can't afford a President who says the uninsured should use Americas ER's as their healthcare plan.
We don't want an out of touch President who thinks middle income is 5 million a year.
Who thinks $50.00 an hour is the going rate for farm workers picking lettuce.
Who is emotionally and intellectually as inept as President Bush.
Who owns more homes than he can count.
Who ranked near the bottom of his graduating class and cannot think on his feet......
Who is 72 year's old!!

I cannot watch the RNC.
There is not enough tequila to listen to the lies and false concern over the people of the Gulf Coast.
They cannot make up for the last 8 years in the next few months!
Besides, what a tragic waste of tequila that would be!

Just my thoughts.....


PaintedHorse said...


laurie b said...

bless this voice of reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with gratitude, Laurie B.

amy said...

At first I thought, "Oh goodie! McCain has made a fatal error."

But the more I read about people's reactions... the more I think even I have misjudged just how... stupid... the "average" American is. That the VAST MAJORITY of Americans, regardless of party, aren't up in arms at the total ridiculousness of this choice says volumes.

Patricia Hecker said...

"You don't come across as the prudent option when you propose to put an untested neophyte in line for the most powerful job on Earth."

McCain did just that!