Wednesday, September 24, 2008

★ Pro-Bama-Kin Obama Supporter ★

Yes, a one of kind Pro-Bama supporter.
Fully flexible.
Fully sturdy for the road ahead.
Able to embrace CHANGE!!

This articulated wooden artists model is emblazoned with the good karma
of the importance of voting, 2008, change, hope and ideas.
It comes to you from a fellow Obama supporter who belives that
on November 4th change for the better of our country will happen!!!!
We the people, will vote in leadership, honesty and the return of the Amercian Dream!
On November 4th, PLEASE VOTE!!!
Height is 13 1/4" tall.
There are millions of Obama supporters, just not too many like this one of a kind verion!

*McCain supporters not available!!!
See igloo's and old farts.

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1 comment:

PaintedHorse said...

Oh, Pat, this design is just wonderful!

Had to catch up on your blog tonight ... put my back out this weekend and have been "under the weather".