Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog Award!!!

This morning I began my day as usual on an art fair morning. I got my e-mail before heading out to Starbucks! Much to my surprise I found this sweet note from fellow blogger, Laurie Beggin. She's been reading my blog and gave me this thoughtful award. Thanks Laurie! And thank you for becoming a member of NAIA!
Laurie stated that my blog "broadens her mind and recharges her spirit." Cool!!
This is the beauty of putting your words out into the world. You never know who they will touch, and who may smile because of them.
I have found blogging to be a cathartic and invigorating way to share my work and words with others.
To those who read this, you have my thanks!
I love hearng from you!
Keep the comments coming!
You motivate me as well!


In My Head Studios said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Jamie said...

Way cool! Congrats, Pat!!