Sunday, September 7, 2008

༺ ••Cats Art and Friends •• ༻

Yesterday we exhibited at Penrod, the one day blow out art fair in Indianapolis. It had been 16 years since we'd done this show. Incredulous weather had folks glowing and it did our soul good to be with artist friends. Lots of Obama shirts and buttons and buzz among the artists and patrons. A high five to all who wore their Obama gear in the conservative Indy. Lots of great shared stories of McCaint and Carabou Barbie!
Artists share the common, undying thread of hope.
It's what keeps us making art in such tough times and always hoping things will get better.
Obama = Hope!

This show draws well heeled patrons who pay $15.00 per person at the gate. It's a social event. Beer flowing, symphony, ballet, all the society perks alive on the Lilly Estate which is home to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Sales were not record setting, but we have several strong leads we can follow up on and reminded folks we'd be at the Carmel show the end of the month. What did us good was being around our friends. They are our touchstone in these diffictult times. There is no explanation needed. We all know what one another is going through. The quiet victories and the joy of each sale, no matter how small. We know how each can cover a bill or give us peace of mind. As I have said, the comraderie is like nothing else. We have all seen each other at our worst and our best!

Our tiger family was happy to see us come home on a Saturday night. We told them we'd be quick! We got in around
11:30 pm after a really long, slow take down. Milo, our yellow kitty was very happy his bed (our luggage) had returned. He loves crashing onto it and caves it in. This is his bed when we're home. That's him above.

Work continues as we prepare for Atlanta. A visit to Zoo Atlanta will be our reward after the show.
For those that came out and supported the artists and spoke with us, thank you! We appreaciated it greatly!!!
All in all, a great weekend!



Spillar said...

Hey there,

That looks just like my cat when I get home!!!

Sorry I missed you at Penrod.


Anonymous said...

It really looks like your cats lead a tough life...


PaintedHorse said...

Another lovely read, Patricia! I am traveling with you vicariously, and loving it!

My kitty also sleeps on my luggage and when it is time to pack it, she continually jumps inside to make it so difficult. I think it is her way of punishing me for preparing to leave.