Monday, September 22, 2008

Retro Nostalgia Dream Box

Some things are better seen then written about.
This might be one of them.
I've recently had some wonderful repeat collectors who have been buying my boxes on etsy
and they tell me the box looks even better than the photos! Amazing since my
husband Jon takes such great photos! We want buyers to see just what they're getting.

So sit back, relax, clear your mind of the financial and political scene and
have fun looking through my collection of boxes on etsy!

Click on any of the box photos to the right and you're there!!
While there, if any tug at your heart, sign up and add them to your cart.
These are one a kind, aromatic boxes filled with images that ignite memories, conjure up warm feelings and look fabulous wherever you place them.

Featured here:
Retro Nostalgia Dream Box


1 comment:

Holly Olinger said...

Trolls!! OMG - I have one of those little critters around here somewhere. He was a favorite with a house, home made clothes and everything.