Friday, May 2, 2008

On The Road.........

Tonight finds us in Dallas Texas. Our booth is set up for the Cottonwood Arts Festival and we are ready to rock! New work is proudly hanging. I made 4 new pieces in the two weeks home, not to mention a few 'other' projects we had in the works!
After being as busy as we've been for the last week, doing a show will feel like a 'vacation'! We have slowly caught up on sleep but still find it hard to believe that we left our Bloomington studio last night at 5pm and here we are in Texas! Time flies!

Today we photographed the Big Indian in Oklahoma. When I see him, I always feel we just take a left and then go to Texas. I hate maps and like to keep things simple. Have you noticed?
Saw lots of friends this evening and will visit more over the next 2 days. The comraderie of kindred spirits and the joy of sharing our work keeps this lifestyle a way of life for us. We complain now and then, but do so love it. Lets face it, gone are the days of job security.......I might as well find joy in my life doing something I absolutly love since I spend so much time doing it!

Life is good and we're here to make it better!
Goodnight from Dallas Texas!


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