Saturday, May 17, 2008

Booth # 2043 Denver Convention Center

Here we are! Day one over and we're tired. A different kind of tired than an art fair. All in all a good day. We made contact with
hundreds of orthodontists and their staff. Wrote one order. Memories of the Las Vegas AAO had day two bearing better sales and day one folks just window shopping. Spoke with past customers who have loved their work and will be ordering more.
All good. Handed out easily 250 cards!
We like our spot. Location is everything at these pricey real estate shows. We have several tables and chairs across from our booth where impromptu meetings and business lunches occur lending clear sight into our colorful 100 square feet. All in all a day filled with thousands of very well manicured orthodontists. Only here and a gynocologist convention could bear better kept hands!!

Resting up for day two!
Snow still on mountains!


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