Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the Mile High City

We left our studio home last night at 7:30. A few delays in town set us back from leaving earlier, but this was fine. We had a nice dinner at home and hit the road. Drove to Columbia, MO last night. This evening we arrived in Denver as the sun was setting. In time to catch LOST!
It's chilly here and the news said it snowed this morning. Glad I brought my coat and socks! Also glad that we'll be inside for 4 days! Tomorrow we head to the convention center and set up our booth. With unions and drayage, setting up at these events is always a circus! For two people accoustomed to moving our stuff all over, little can be done without the unions stepping in to connect lights and lay carpet.........and get paid!!
Ugh...makes me glad we don't do this type of show all the time!
We're kind of colorful small potatoes at these shin-digs. Colgate, Crest, dental chairs and lights and all that sort of thing prevail in a big way with reps that fly in to work in their makeshift offices set up by crews ahead of them.
The funny thing is we're the ones who make what we're selling, and we drove it here, will set it up, and sell it. Next time someone says artists don't work hard, they better duck!!

The show opens Saturday morning and runs through Tuesday afternoon when we begin our drive home. We'll arrive home in time to kiss the kitties and repack the van for a one day show up in Lafayette IN. with the Hecker Design work.
On Sunday we hope to catch the time delay of the Indy 500 and celebrate with a little agave!!

Featured above is another vessel from my work that will show at By Hand Gallery.
This is the Petroglyph Bead Pot. An insane amount of intricate work that I became inthrawled doing. Every glass bead is hand stitched through the gourd with holes drilled first and a matching pearl inside to keep the stitch from pulling through. Weird how these activities relax me!!


Petroglyph Bead Pot
By Hand Gallery

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Anonymous said...

Here's to a great show!!! Tequila waiting in the wings for celebratory libations! Love the gourds!! Geri