Sunday, May 18, 2008

"I See What You Mean"

It's not every day one gets to see a 40 foot tall blue bear. There has been one peering into the Denver Convention Center since we arrived! The permanent installation was done by sculptor Lawrence Argent and titled "I See What You Mean".

Today the big blue bear graced the coming and going of thousands of orthodontists and exhibitors as well as a legion of young high school graduates who donned red caps and gowns. One graduate was with us in the elevator to the parking garage.
We wished her well.
I wanted to say "I know how you feel".
The end of one part of lifes journey with the next unfolding almost too fast.
Both terrifying and exhilarating embodied in one!
I graduated 30 years ago. I remember the feeling!

I think the big blue bear said it best......."I see what you mean"!

There's still snow in the Rockies!


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