Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Round the Fountain" Art Festival

Last Saturday Jon and I did a small one day show up in Lafayette Indiana. This was the shows' 35th year. Seated around the historic limestone courthouse, this one day event proved pleasurable and profitable on many counts. Usually enduring inclement weather, this year we had sunny skies, brisk air and great crowds. The patrons that come to this annual event look forward to it and grace the exhibiting artists with genuine interest and purchase their work. Can we ask for more? There's also a strawberry shortcake fundraiser that happens there too!

We got to see friends and catch up, some we hadn't seen since before winter. Early afternoon the committiee of green shirted volunteers awarded ribbons and checks to those who were awarded them through on site judging. Jon and I got a shiny blue ribbon and check! I love getting ribbons! This means we are jury exempt for next years festival and I can build on the momentum our work received. It's all good!

Here we are, with our ribbon!

Thank you to those patrons who buy original art and help make viable the living of artists like myself.
I am greatful for your support and passion!


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