Sunday, May 25, 2008

•Day of the Dead Charm Gourd•

Resting today after what has been a roller coaster the last 3 weeks.
At left is a photo of a new gourd I made that is in my exhibit at the By Hand Gallery here in Bloomington.
The exhibit runs through July 4th, 2008.
This is the smallest gourd, but my most intense. It's stamped with numerous playful Day of the Dead stamps and embellished with a plethora of beads and silk
emphemra that exude the passion and color of "Day of the Dead". Around the top I crocheted a wonderful black fringe thread that adds to the fun and texture!
(You can click on my blog photos and they will open in a new window in a larger format)


Day of the Dead Charm Gourd
By Hand Gallery



Holly Olinger said...

I know this is totally weird, but your skulls make me smile.

Patricia Hecker said...

Thanks Holly! They make me smile too. I love making them!